Black powder rifle stocks

Traditions offers a, step-by-step, instructions for ease of assemble. Great for families, Farther and Son project, when finished you will have a fully functional rifle that you can use for hunting, shooting, or display. This rifle is an excellent addition to any collection.

These guns were the trusted companions of fur traders as they hunted for pelts. The double set trigger, custom silver inlays, and finishes add to the beauty of this sidelock rifle.

Traditions most popular Percussion muzzleloader in a do-it yourself kit. The Deerhunter is designed to be lightweight, easy to shoot and incredibly accurate for a very modest price. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or beginner, the Deerhunter kit will be a memorable experience.

black powder rifle stocks

The Deerhunter Kit is a 50 cal, Percussion, 24" Octagonal barrel, hooked breech, 1 in 48" twist, with Lite Optic sights, weighs 6 lbs. This half-stocked rifle features a 28". Authentic V rear sight and blade front sight provide a clear sight picture and double set triggers allow for precise trigger control.

Deep groove rifling provides pinpoint accuracy, while the twist makes it perfect for round balls or conical's. Shown in this picture above is the percussion kit.

Description Order No. The Crockett comes in. The stock is select hardwood with solid brass furniture. It comes with a double set trigger, the color case-hardened lock features a V-type mainspring for fast lock time, brass inlays, windage adjustable rear sight and complete instructions.

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black powder rifle stocks

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The Kentucky Deluxe Rifle matches classic beauty with outstanding performance. The Deluxe Kentucky Rifle matches classic beauty with outstanding performance. The Premium grade Chromoly steel barrel is extremely strong, lightweight, and accurate. This rifle also features a premium hardwood stock.

This intermediate-level build-it-yourself kit is a percussion ignition model. See "More Info" for details. Howell Conversions - Remington Uberti. This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington Uberti. For more information and to see quantity in stock, click the "More Info" button. With a re-designed recoil-reducing buttstock and buttpad shooters will enjoy increased accuracy and all skill levels will feel comfortable shooting this rifle.

By reducing the thickness of the sabot walls and adding horizontal ridges to the walls the frictional contact area of sabot-to-barrel decreases. EZ Loader Speed Loader. Kirst Konverter - Get more enjoyment from your revolver by having more options. Please click on "More Information". Howell Conversions - Remington Pietta.

This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington Pietta. The Boatswain's pipe or Bosun's whistle can produce several distinct pitches for signalling which can be heard above the sounds of wind, rain, tides, or other voices or sounds.

Each one is unique. Available in three size ranges. SEE "More Info" for specifications.Its sleek, lightweight, and easy to operate design sets a new standard for affordable single shot hunting rifles.

black powder rifle stocks

Simply subscribe to our e-newsletter and you are automatically in the running. A better gun CVA was founded way back inspecializing in traditional side-lock muzzleloading rifles and build-it-yourself rifle kits. From those early beginnings, CVA developed a reputation for providing guns and accessories that provide our customers with the best values available.

Today our product line has expanded to include the most technically advanced modern in-line muzzleloaders on the market. We can't guarantee the trophies, but we do guarantee the rifle. Stock Ambidextrous Composite Stock. Trigger Adjustable trigger with trigger guard actuated breech system. Charcoal gray synthetic stock with fiber-glass reinforcement. Whether you are looking for shirts, hats, or hoodies, we have them here for you. Grayboe fiberglass stock. Stock Adjustable Cheek-piece.

Provides the higher velocities necessary for killing shots at yards and beyond. CVA videos. In fact, we promise that our new Cascade has every rifle in its class beat by a long shot. Unlike any other CVA rifle, this. CVA videos Home. This field is required. Get in touch directly with one of our representatives or consult our online resources.

Muzzleloader Stocks

Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.Knight muzzleloaders are the finest and most accurate black powder rifles ever made. Each rifle embodies the beauty o f American manufacturing with many features like beautiful laminate stocks that give a look and feel of perfection.

In addition, accuracy is guaranteed when you consider Knight uses only the finest handcrafted Green Mountain barrels. This combination of beauty and accuracy is only available with Knight. Weighing only six pounds, the Knight Ultra-Lite is one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market today. This rifle has the feel of perfection with power and superior accuracy.

Now available with our new LiFe Nitride Finish. Deadly stopping power and pinpoint accuracy. The Knight Mountaineer also looks amazing hanging over the mantle. Power, Style, Safety, and Accuracy.

Affordable Custom Gunstock Engraving

Many promise they can deliver while the Mountaineer actually does. Available in LiFe Nitride Finish. The Knight Muzzleloader is one serious long range black powder rifle. Often used as a competition rifle. At yard MOA you can be assured your shot will hit the intended target at impressive distances. Sign up to receive updates and special promotions directly to your inbox! Email address:. From cleaning supplies, bullets, sabots, loading tools, conversion kits.

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To scopes, rifle cases, and slings, targets, binoculars, and apparel. We have just about anything you'd need for your Knight Rifle. Be sure to check out the shop and see all of the different accessories we offer.

Check us out on Instagram for the latest photos of shows, trophies, muzzleloaders and more! Knight Rifles has what you need to beat the boredo Don't miss out on our quarantine deal. It began in the shop of a gunsmith known for miles around as a master craftsman inventor, and a huntsman who had stalked the fields for decades.

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His name was Tony Knight.A famously inseparable friend of American mountain men and explorers, the Hawken arose from the need for a rifle more practical in size and capability than the longer length and smaller caliber Pennsylvania rifles that preceded it. Another historically accurate reproduction from Davide Pedersoli, the Pennsylvania rifle features a one-piece oil finished walnut stock, rust brown finish, and double set trigger.

Sighting is accomplished with steel sights with vertically adjustable rear. Davide Pedersoli reproduction of an English pattern flintlock rifle featuring an octagon-to-round barrel.

The checkered and oil finished European walnut stock is completed with an English style cheek piece, while metal is treated to color case hardening. The Missouri River Hawken features a fast twist The Kentucky rifle evolved from German hunting guns and was a major rival of the Brown Bess in its time. Thanks to its lightness and accuracy, it became immensely popular in the American colonies.

Davide Pedersoli offers this reproduction in blue finish with polished brass fittings and oil finished walnut stock.

Kentucky Rifles

Indian Trade Muskets carry the classic European lines of rifles produced both there and in the Americas by such companies as Leman, Henry, Tryon, and Derringer. Produced with rust brown finish, this musket features snake-shaped decoration with engraving embelishments, period-correct wooden ramrod, and large trigger guard. Capable of firing either shot or round ball, the Indian Trade Musket can be used for hunting, reenactment, or clay pigeon competition in the Manton R discipline.

From the golden age of the American long rifleand renowned for their accuracy, this Pedersoli reproduction reveals meticulous detail in both metal and wood. Available with a rust browned finish, rifled octagonal barrel, American maple or walnut stock, brass trigger guard and butt plate, color cased locks and fittings, and double set triggers. Deluxe maple models are available with patch box as well. The blued barrels are slightly choked and chrome lined. Locks are engraved. This shotgun is stocked in walnut.

The Extra Deluxe models are enriched with floral engravings and English scrolls on locks, tang, and trigger guard, feature hand selected walnut stocks with checkering fore and aft, and receive rust brown finish on the barrels. This model is equipped with a fast twist 50 caliber barrel to provide maximum performance to all modern hunting projectiles. It utilizes a rear ghost ring style sight to give the fastest possible sight acquisition.

Need to specify this is a walnut gun. A famously inseparable friend of American mountain men and explorers, the walnut Hawken arose from the need for a rifle more practical in size and capability than the longer length and smaller caliber Pennsylvania rifles that preceded it.

A faithful Davide Pedersoli reproduction of one of the most famous rifles in the field of precision target shooting.

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Originally produced in by English gunsmith George Gibbs, this is a rifle born to satisfy both the aesthetic purist and target shooter alike. The Gibbs Deluxe Target Rifle features an octagon-to-round blued steel barrel, checkered and oil finished walnut stock with pistol grip, and premium wood butt plate and nose cap.

black powder rifle stocks

This rifle is equipped with an elevation and windage adjustable Creedmoor rear sight and spirit-level tunnel front sight with windage adjustment micrometer screw. Sights are accompanied by a set of 15 interchangeable inserts. The Deluxe version is enriched with hand finished engravings in style identical to those found on the original, covering lock, breech plug, tang, and trigger guard in fine English pattern. The hand selected walnut stock receives fine checkering on both grip and forend.

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Please contact us for special order item lead times. Shipping Information. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Notify when available. Plus, email me the latest deals and expert reviews. Hinterland does not share or sell personal info. See Privacy Policy. Availability Out of Stock. Out of stock. Lyman Deerstalker Muzzleloader Rifle Lyman Great Plains Muzzleloader Kit Lyman Great Plains Muzzleloader Rifle Lyman Plains Muzzleloader Pistol Lyman Trade Muzzleloader Rifle Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader Rifle Black Powder Type.

Price Range. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Add to Cart Add to Cart.We are located in a small midwestern city that prides itself on precision. Rockford, Illinois, is a machine tool center that got it's industrial start in the fine furniture business. It's early settlers were craftsmen concerned about shaping fine wood. Later they turned metal into machinery for parts in early aircraft and autos. Many of the descendants of those early craftsmen are still around, working with fine wood and modern metals.

They maintain the same high standards. We don't build, sell or buy anything that does not reflect quality and those traditions of craftsmanship. Our company offers top-quality goods at prices black powder shooters can afford. We stand behind our products and won't sell anything we haven't tested and wouldn't use ourselves. We sell to our friends and are reliable. Muzzleloading takes a special kind of person to really enjoy the sport.

It calls for an appreciation of our heritage and traditions. Craftsmanship is one of those important traditions we want to help keep alive. Black powder shooting is like holding history in your hands, your firearm should reflect the quality of our heritage. We'd like to help you do it right. We try to use good judgment in the customers' favor in selecting their stock.

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are in any way not satisfied, simply notify us at once, within 10 days, for shipping instructions for replacement or full refund. Guarantee is void if stock has been carved or inlet in any other way than it was received and may not be returned.

Also, we have no control over hidden defects. We are proud of having very few returns or adjustments since we usually provide more than we promise. We enjoy an excellent reputation and we intend to keep it! Our standards are high. We try to provide wood which has been graded fairly and free of chips, cracks, knots, checks, rot or weak spots. We do not consider a slight mineral stain a defect, as most are completely unnoticeable on the finished gun.

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